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Creativity For Kids Spark!Lab Smithsonian "Invent Boundless Bridges" Building Set

Creativity For Kids Spark!Lab Smithsonian "Invent Boundless Bridges" Building Set

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  • LET'S INVENT: Spark!Lab Smithsonian INVENTIVE CREATIVITY KITS are perfect for the child who has ideas for cool inventions but doesn't know where to start.
  • EXPLORE IT: Make your dream bridge a reality. Search famous bridges and how they were designed. Explore bridges near you! Use the Spark!lab invention process to crate your own unique solution
  • SKETCH IT: Use the Spark!Lab invention guide to draw out your designs. This helps inventors visualize what they are about to build. Problem solving and creativity in a fun open-ended way!
  • CREATE IT: Start your journey of invention with over 280+ pieces, including sturdy, flexible building sticks, foam connectors, brads, straws, string and more. Construct up to 4+ unique bridge designs
  • TRY IT: Many inventors think this stage is the most exciting part of the process. Does your bridge work the way you want it to? if yes, congratulations! You now know the process of invention

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Details: What if the only way to get somewhere is to build a bridge? Your friends are vacationing on a Island miles away. You want to join them but the only way to get there is by bridge. Use the Spark!Lab invention process and the included building materials to design and assemble a bridge capable of spanning the waterway separating you from a tropical paradise. With over 280 pcs including sturdy and flexible building sticks, foam connectors, brads, straws, strings and more, you can construct up to 4 or more unique bridge designs. Take time to think about what works best for the bridge you imagined. Some items are sturdier than others, and some are more flexible. Most inventors don't succeed on their first try, and that's Ok. Many inventors and engineer think this stage is the most exciting part of the process. Think it! Explore it! Sketch it! Create it! Try it! Tweak it! Sell it! Our line introduces kids to the process of invention, the same process used by real inventors. Develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking and creativity in a fun, open-ended way. Each Spark!Lab Smithsonian activity presents kids with a unique obstacle to overcome. With the Scenario in front of them and the materials provided as points of inspiration, kids use the Spark!Lab invention process to create their own unique solutions. This product line inspires both analytical and creative thought to show children they can do anything they set their mind to – igniting the spark of invention. Spark!Lab Smithsonian inventive creativity kits are designed to provide children with the same hands-on experience at home they would enjoy while visiting the Draper Spark!Lab at the Smithsonian National Museum of American history in Washington, D.C. Since 1976, the Creativity for Kids mission has been to provide children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity. Our open-ended products offer fun-filled opportunities for children to create, learn, pretend, and explore. Ages 8+.

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