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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Marvel Skate

Hot Wheels Marvel Skate

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Brand: Hot Wheels


  • Each board comes with a removable set of skate shoes that hold fingers in place when mastering fingerboard techniques and stunts; Sneakerheads will love their designs and style!
  • Boards come fully assembled with fast axles for superior performance
  • Skate with an epic collection of Hot Wheels Skate boards and sneakers designed in collaboration with today's most popular entertainment properties
  • Each board comes with a set of removable sneakers that keep your toes in place while mastering techniques and tricks; Sneaker lovers will love their designs and style!

Details: Hot Wheels and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk have teamed up to create an epic fingerboard collection that’s prime for sick stunting and elite moves. Each fully assembled Hot Wheels fingerboard comes with a pair of stylish, removable skate shoes, designed to keep fingertips in place when learning to shred and ollie like a pro. Groms can build confidence and get the feel for the board and its movements before removing the shoes and trying more difficult maneuvers. Each board has a design that’s so unique and cool, kids will want to collect them all. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

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