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GPX C3327 Digital AM/FM Personal Cassette Player

GPX C3327 Digital AM/FM Personal Cassette Player

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Color: Silver


  • Water-resistant and rugged, designed for sports and outdoor use
  • Comes with auto reverse and anti-roll
  • Digital AM/FM stereo radio
  • Up to 18 radio station presets
  • Bass-boost system

PartNumber: C3327

Details: GPX's C3327 digital AM/FM personal cassette player is geared for sports and outdoor use. Its water-resistant design features rubber gaskets that help seal out dirt, sand, and moisture.The digital AM/FM stereo radio comes with five programmable preset buttons, front positioned for easy access. An LCD panel displays station selection, and volume is controlled with a thumbwheel. Its antenna is built-in.The stereo cassette player offers auto reverse, fast- forward, rewind, and play/stop functionality. It also has a bass boost switch. GPX includes a stereo headphone set and a removable belt clip.This digital personal cassette player runs on two AA batteries (not included). GPX's C3327 digital AM/FM personal cassette player has a limited 90-day warranty. Product description Chemical Name: Chloro[(1,2,3,4,5,6-eta)-2,2'',4,4'',6,6''-hexamethyl[1,1':3',1''-terphenyl]-2'-thiolato-kappaS][triisopropylphosphine-kappaP]ruthenium(II)CAS: 1621182-04-4Molecular Formula: C33H46ClPRuSMolecular Weight: 642.28Storage Temperature (degC): 15-25 degCSynonyms: [(DmpSR')RuCl(P-(i-Pr)3)]Product Categories: Chemistry, Transition Elements [Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry], Ruthenium [Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry]TCI America, a division of Tokyo Chemical Industry, offers more than 27,000 high quality organic reagents for research and development.

UPC: 027084089325

EAN: 0047323332708

Model: C3327

Binding: Electronics

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