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Fantasy Flight Games Mutant Chronicles Starter Set Collectible Miniature Game

Fantasy Flight Games Mutant Chronicles Starter Set Collectible Miniature Game

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  • Collectible miniature game
  • Advanced Recon features high-speed assault forces
  • Comes with 6 figures
  • Designed for 2 players

PartNumber: 0699788109595

Details: From Fantasy Flight Publishing. Soon to become a major motion picture! In the distant future, the solar system, controlled by vast warring megacorporations, has pushed itself to the brink of disaster. An ancient evil has been awakened on an exploratory mission to Pluto, and the infernal Legions of the Dark Soul, led by the Apostle Algeroth, are hell-bent on the destruction of all humanity! Boasting beautifully sculpted, pre-painted, 54mm-scale miniatures, plus dozens of command cards, this first set in the fast and furious, customizable strategic combat game, Mutant Chronicles, comes in Starters containing six fixed figures, eight custom dice, 100 cards, a full-color, double-sided map, dozens of tokens, and a rule book. Plus, increase your forces with Warpack Expansions! 13th Banshee Legion brings a fast-attack squadron capable of bringing shocking mobility and firepower; Nepharite Overlords contains the insidious commanders Alakhai the Cunning and Golgotha; Gommorian Hammer packs destructive Algeroth forces; and Warmaster's Legions brings the Tekron Warmaster, the Technomancer, and the Necromutant to your battlefield, combining accuracy and tactics to unleash a prolonged, devastating assault.

UPC: 699788109595

EAN: 0792491835161

Model: MC01

Binding: Toy

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