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1000 Piece Puzzle for Adults Terrence Fogarty Youth Sports Pond Hockey Jigsaw by KI Puzzles

1000 Piece Puzzle for Adults Terrence Fogarty Youth Sports Pond Hockey Jigsaw by KI Puzzles

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  • 1000 PIECE PUZZLE FOR ADULTS and TEENS: The go to format for the accomplished puzzler or a newer puzzler looking to step up to a challenge that will keep them busy for a while
  • FUN, BOLD and BRIGHT: This Terrence Fogarty puzzle is full of detail and fun youth sports imagery - it will captivate kids and adults alike
  • CHALLENGING AND FUN: Hours of entertainment delivers a feeling of accomplishment
  • MORE THAN JUST A PUZZLE: It's a thoughtful birthday gift, a family fun night, a personal challenge, a boredom buster, a lazy Sunday activity, and memories are made
  • SPECIFICS: This quality jigsaw puzzle contains 1000 pieces in a sealed bag, comes with a poster image guide, and is made with quality recycled cardboard
  • Measures 27 Inches x 20 inches when assembled
  • Promotes mindfulness
  • Terrence Fogarty and all your favorite KI Puzzle artists
  • Skill level: expert

Details: Terrence Fogarty On the Rocks Pond Hockey Jigsaw Puzzle for adults. A jigsaw puzzle featuring colorful, detailed image of kids playing winter frozen pond hockey / youth sports. Each piece of art from Terrence Fogarty features a time in the past where lives were simpler and playing a round of hockey with your friends was the only way to spend your snowy day. This interlocking jigsaw puzzle is made of quality, thick recycled paperboard and is 27x20” finished. Designed for family fun (ages 11 and up!). A poster guide sheet for each image is included for easy reference. The puzzle is sealed in a bag with low puzzle dust and ready for gifting or piecing yourself or with friends and family. Relax, kick back and enjoy mentally traveling back in time to your winter pond hockey days while you assemble this challenging puzzle! Look for additional images from Terrence Fogarty and KI Puzzles in more piece counts and styles. About the artist: Summer ripens in a dust of light beneath Terrence Fogarty’s paint brush. Autumn comes alive with points of fire and color for an artist who turns dabs of oil paint into highly realistic artwork. His unique ability to connect with our emotional attachment to sports is a hallmark of his work. Meticulous research and attention to detail is the foundation of his art. Even before sketching his compositions, Fogarty will head out with a camera looking for the exact setting he envisions and will also utilize live models, staging scenes and recording the details for future reference. Fogarty prefers oil paint, because the medium produces rich, vibrant colors and the opportunity to work with paint that stays wet for a long time. Terrence grew up on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota where memories of attending events with his father inspired his love of sports. After graduating from High School, he focused on art at Southwest Minnesota State University under the guidance of highly respected artist Edward Evans. Amateur and youth sports has always been, and continues to be, a favorite subject of Fogarty. Terrence lives with his wife Karen, daughter Elizabeth and the family dachshund ‘Georgia’ in Victoria, Minnesota.

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