Through The Clues Game


  • A word game of deception where you can only believe HALF of what you see
  • Guide your opponents through the clues; If they don’t guess the answer, then you score
  • Easel Stand with Card Holder and Clue Tabs
  • 300 Word Cards
  • 15 Second Timer to start after the last clue is given and if your opponents don’t guess, then you score the points

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Through the clues is a great new word game with a twist! You can only believe half of what you see! Players guess words based on a series of two word clues…but only one of the words in each two word clue is meaningful, the other is a decoy. Players’ alternate turns writing a series of five distracting two word clues for all their opponents who are trying to find the common link between the clues and then guess the answer. Guessing begins as soon as the first two word clue is placed in the easel. Play continues until all five easel cards are placed in the easel. If the no one answers the word in the allotted time, the clue giver scores the points. With 300 answer words complete with clues/decoys listed and the option to make up your own decoys, there is no limit to the fun.


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