My Little Pony Toy Cutie Mark Crew Confetti Party Countdown Collectible 8 Pack with 14 Surprises


8 figures inside: confetti party countdown collection includes 8 Cutie Mark crew figures. 7 are hidden away for a fun multi-layered unboxing surprise!
Mystery accessories: Each 1.5-Inch figure comes with a mini fashion-themed accessory, like Pinkie Pie figure with a hairdryer accessory. The rest of the accessories are surprises!
Balloon-shaped surprise: open each of the 7 confetti-filled balloon-shaped doors to reveal the colorful Cutie figure and accessory hiding inside
Exclusive looks: some figures have special hair colors and fun Treatments. Includes Pinkie Pie figure with exclusive rainbow-colored mane
Collect some favorite Pony characters: look for other My Little Pony Cutie Mark crew packs (each sold separately. Subject to availability.) to build out a world of figures inspired by the My Little Pony: friendship is magic TV show, Equestrian Girls animated shorts, and My Little Pony: the movie! Figures make great toys for girls and boys ages 4 and up to play with, collect, and share

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Cutie Mark crew playsets combine the worlds of My Little Pony and equestrian Girls to imagine a universe of play and friendships beyond the mirror’s portal. This confetti party countdown pack includes 8 figures, 7 of which are hidden behind balloon-shaped packaging. Get the party started by revealing the mystery character and accessory behind each confetti-filled balloon-shaped doors. Balloon shapes are numbered 1-7 so kids can countdown to their birthday, a special event, or just 7 days of surprises! Comes with 8 1.5-Inch pony figures, including Pinkie Pie pony with exclusive rainbow-colored hair. Some mystery figures have fun ombre colors or rainbow highlights in their hair! Each figure comes with a mini fashion accessory in a matching color. Line up the ponies and accessories to create a rainbow party. Features 14 surprises and 7 multi-layered unboxing experiences! Toy is for kids ages 4 years old and up.


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