Marvel Miniature Alliance Metal Figurines – 5.5″ Hulk


  • Great Desk Top Statue
  • Made of Metal with Pewter Finish
  • Detailed Sculpt of Spider-man crouching ready to spring into action
  • Formed by lost wax method
  • Highly collectible as very few pieces made from each mold

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Small production run and unique method of production makes this a great collectible item. 5.25″ Metal Figurine Hulk features Pewter Finish. Conveniently sized and packaged in great display boxes. All new products from Monogram Masterworks. Using a manufacturing method called Lost Wax Casting – each piece is a one of a kind collectible. The quantity of the production is small only a few hundred pieces, which adds to the value of each piece. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Attention to detail is impeccable! Hulk in fight stance displays his massive arms ready to crush those who stand in his way. Anyone fool enough to take him on deserves the beating he will dish out! Collect yours today buy one or buy them both and you will be well on your way to a great collection of Marvel’s most beloved heroes!


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