Flick Trix Pro Rider – Ryan Nyquist


  • Pro Rider Ryan Nyquist
  • Flick Trix are the only finger bikes for the serious extreme sports enthusiast.
  • Fully functional BMX finger bikes that feature front & back breaks
  • Real interchangeable mag & spoke tires
  • Recommended for ages 9 years and up

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Flick Trix Pro Rider series is bringing you the bikes you love now with the Riders your look up to. Flick Trix are fully functional, mini BMX bikes that feature front and back brakes. They also features real interchangeable mag and spoke tires, a real-working crank, and even a real working U-lock. Includes one finger bike, and one Ryan Nyquist figure (approximately 6 inches tall) with fully articulated shoulders, knees, arms, and legs. Ages 9 and up recommended.


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