Chuggington Stacktrack Motorized Jackman


Jackman is chief of Chug Patrol and the bravest chugger on the tracks. With a twinkle in his eye and strong leadership skills, Jackman makes the perfect mentor for Wilson, who aspires to follow in his tracks. Jackman is agile, strong, and heroic. He is always in control and ready for a rescue. Even while working hard, Jackman is charming and enjoys life to the fullest! StackTrack enables kids to build the world of Chuggington with layouts as wide and as high as their imaginations. Now kids can POWER UP that world with new Chuggington Motorized engines! Motorized engines go fast, climb steep inclines, and trigger action on Motorized playsets for more interactive play and continuous fun! Additionally, all motorized engines are fully compatible with all Chuggington StackTrack products.

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Motorized engines race fast!
Climbs steep inclines
Compatible with other Chuggington StackTrack sets
Motorized engines trigger action in StackTrack Motorized sets
Ages 3 and up


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