Air Chargers Vehicle and Launcher- Hornet


  • Over 500 mph scale speed
  • Race side by side, challenge your friends to big air stunts, or complete the longest jump to be the air Chargers champion!
  • An easy to use pump and launcher lets kids quickly power up their vehicles and go!
  • Collect all the cars and sets to perform more impressive stunts, hold larger races, and have bigger crashes!

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Pump up the action, as you control the power of your jumps, stunts and crashes with Air Chargers Vehicle Launcher. The only vehicle play system where you decide how fast, how far and how high! Air chargers launcher and vehicles put the power, speed and racing into your hands. Control the action by pumping their launcher, powering the vehicles, then launching them into high speed action! Motor revving sounds exude from the built-in pistons system in every car. Collect and race them all!


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